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We are a professional production and post- production company. We have another section working inside us, ARNAB GRAPHICS Also, we are Collaborate with SREE MANGALAM BANQUET. We provide Decoration, Decorator, Lighting, Music, Albums, Sounds, Photography, Music Accessories, Car Service, All type of event management, All type of custom decoration, Flower Decoration, Drone Service, Led screen, T.V, Projector screen, Corporate events, Mehendi, Sangeet, Joy mala theme(celebrity, dancer), Music singer(Tollywood, Bollywood). We cover fiction events as Add film, Music albums, Documentary, Short Film, and none fiction as Live concerts, Pre-wedding, Post-wedding, weddings, Highlights, Celebration parties, Product, Fashion, Maternity, Traditional shoot, etc. Photographer and Cinematographer is provided and we cover various type of Editing.

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Decorating means add something to make more attractive. It can be art, interior decorating, external decorating, cake decoration, Christmas decoration, window decoration, etc. decoration can not be underestimated, its play a vital role in our life. Decoration makes things more attractive, such as if you decorate your home then it looks more attractive as compared to simple home and an event decoration is very important as it also attracts people. it is the duty of the decorator to give customers satisfying decoration according to their choice.

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Beautiful accents always devised by the Almighty. Here every corner of visualization has been exhibited. We captured your specials. We are coming soon with lots of magnificent celebrations, sacred rituals, glorious decorations, colorful custom etc.

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Address: 167, Shibtala Street, Bhadrakali, Uttarpara, West Bengal 712232

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